Over the past few years Mission has had the privilege of working with Chester County Women's Services, one of our local partners. This year is an extra special year as the baby bottle drive can now be physical and digital. CCWS has partnered with an app called Round Up, which rounds up the total on your digital purchases to the nearest dollar providing that "digital change" to go directly to them in a secure manner. If you prefer to continue with collecting funds in a physical bottle please feel free to pick one up during our Saturday evening gathering at Grace. The baby bottle drive starts February 20th.

BabyBottle_2021Artboard 1.jpg


Still unsure? You can click below to continue learning more about Chester County Women's Services and all the great things they are doing for our community.

You now have the opportunity to make a generational impact with every purchase! CCWS has integrated the RoundUp app as part of our fundraising for LIFE. It is super simple and secure to sign up.


1. Create Your Account

Just fill in your name, email address, and a password of your choosing and you’re all set.


2. Link Your Cards and Bank

Connect your credit or debit cards to the app and securely authorize RoundUps with your bank. This is a secure process, using the same payment processor as Facebook, Amazon, and Lyft.

3. Make an Impact

The extra change from each transaction you make will be "rounded-up" and donated every month to Chester County Womens Services Inc