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Some churches call them small groups, other churches call them community groups, while yet other churches call them life groups. Here at Mission Community Church, we call them MissionGroups because we believe even small groups ought to be on mission for God! MissionGroups exist to empower the people of Mission Community Church to build community and foster spiritual growth. Whether you are reading through a Bible study, watching a video series, serving with one of our local outreach partners or sharing a common interest, our MissionGroups are places where life change occurs. 



Step into the role of MissionGroup Leader at Mission Community Church. Because MissionGroups provide the framework for discipleship, we are looking for leaders who are passionate about helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus. Make an impact in the lives of others and watch God grow you as a leader as you come alongside others!

One of the greatest needs in many churches is community. Pastors talk about the value of it, tell people they need it and provide lots of ways for people to engage it. Seeking out friendships that will spur you on towards Christ is a great thing! There are multiple MissionGroups that meet throughout Chester County, PA. Click the button below to see what group meets closest to you.

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