At Mission, we're always wanting to help people meet, know and follow Jesus. Many of us have someone, who's always coming to our mind, or that we're praying for to find Jesus in their lives. You could be the catalyst by simply sharing and inviting that someone. 

Take a look at these resources below and start inviting someone to join you THIS week. 


Use these images on your social media accounts. Feel free to use both our image and suggested post text. 

InvitesArtboard 1.jpg
InvitesArtboard 1.jpg

Sample Text-

I know I'm done being stuck inside, and I sure would love to see you!!! Come join me and my church as we head to Hibernia Park to worship and learn together. For more details head over to

#ourmissionsunday #missioncommunitychurch #gatheringatthepark #church