Mission Community Church exists to glorify God by helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and growth.

The vision of Mission Community Church is to be a marketplace church with wide-open doors. We desire to leverage a space not only for church gatherings on Sundays but also for community connection and service every day of the week.

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Discipleship is a central aspect of the Christian faith. This is because Jesus commanded His followers to “make disciples” (Mathew 28:18-20). What is discipleship? Simply put, discipleship means intentionally partnering with another person in order to help that person meet, know, and follow Jesus, so that then he or she can help others do the same. Our values drive every aspect of ministry at Mission Community Church. 

What is in it for Corporate Companies ?

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What is in it for Partner (Kitchen, Santization and Gifting Partner) ?

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How to get in touch with SmartQ?

SmartQ Family is always open for you!

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