Acts 2 describes the early church scene as generous, inclusive, social, prayerful, and highly impactful on the communities around them, causing many people to become disciples of Jesus “day by day”. At Mission Community Church, we want everyone to experience this kind of life changing ministry and blessing, and we know it can only happen if we purposefully connect and know one another.


MissionNeighbor connects families and individuals through Neighborhoods (i.e., networks) of 10 to 15 households to know and actively love one another. Through light communications (email, text, chats, phone calls), you can share needs, pray for one another, celebrate successes, encourage one another, and even drop off meals and surprise gifts to lift someone's spirit!


MissionNeighbor provides you with the access necessary to love, and be loved by, your neighbor.  The rest is up to you!

Have you reached out to one of your MissionNeighbors recently?

You'd be amazed at what a quick message or call will do for them!

If you haven't already been contacted by a Neighborhood Host,

or are unsure of who your MissionNeighbors are, please...