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Pastor Jason is the founder and lead pastor of Mission Community Church based in Chester County, PA. Jason shares God’s Word and its practical application for daily life with the vision of being a gospel people on a gospel mission in mind.

Jason was born and raised in Chester County, PA, lived in North Carolina for six years, and relocated back to Chester County in 2010. He attended church all throughout his childhood and adolescence, and solidified his faith and trust in Jesus during the summer entering his junior year of high school. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with an undergraduate degree in biology, Jason worked for a globally-renowned biotech company in the behavioral science and drug safety sectors. After several years of serving as a youth leader, young adult leader, deacon, and worship leader, Jason enrolled at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, VA, from which he holds a Masters in Worship Studies and Leadership. After five years of serving as a worship pastor, God called Jason to launch a new church in Chester County with the mission of helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Jason and his wife, Colleen, began dating in high school and continued their long-distance relationship throughout college until they married in 2006. It is often said in the church world that behind every great pastor there is an even greater wife - Colleen is no exception! With her passion for people and an uncanny ability to make friends with anyone she meets, Colleen’s sweet demeanor is captivating.

Jason and Colleen live in Downingtown with their three children: Dean, Shane, and Ellie.