MissionStudents is a student ministry built to help students from 6th - 12th grade meet and know Jesus. Our hope as students come meet weekly is that they will begin to build an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We strongly believe that a student ministry isn't just helping students but partnering with parents. In this, we want to resource and equip mom and dad to continue the conversations at home as parents have the bigger influence daily. Of course like any student ministry we have a blast together while we meet every Sunday evening and have multiple opportunities to go on trips together as well. We hope you'll join us! 


Our MissionStudents weekly gatherings will officially begin March 11, 2018 at the Mission Community Church Offices. [See below for the address] You'll want to look for the door with a dentist office, you should also see Mission Community Church logo at the bottom. Come on in and head left up the stairs. Once you arrive in the office stop at the check-in table and one of our awesome MissionStudents staff will be there to greet you. 

104 Schubert Dr. Suite B
Downingtown, PA 19335

If you have any questions before coming please don't hesitate to contact us below. 


Parents! This one's for you. For our "GenerationBattle" we are inviting our students and parents to come over to the offices for a fun evening of games, laughes, and time to get to know one another. Please come join us from 6:30-8pm, THIS Sunday, February 25th. 


Take a second and download our Winter 2018 Calendar! This has all you need to know how to stay up to date on what's happening at MissionStudents. If you look you'll see our weekly gatherings, events and more. 


It takes a community to help our students meet, know and follow Jesus! If you have a passion for middle school and high school students, please prayerfully consider serving our students. There are multiple ways to serve and volunteer. Learn more about serving in MissionStudents by clicking the button below.